For Those Who Have The Heart

This is exactly what it appears to be. A blog about skin and bones. I am anorexic and have been for over three years now. I don't plan to stop or get help but to lose the 15 pounds that I disgustingly let myself gain over the last year.

Height- 5'7
LW- 130
HW- 148
CW-141.5 (6/25/11)
GW1- 140
Ultimate Goal Weight by August 1st, 2011- 130

I don't want to hear your bullshit about how you think what I'm doing is wrong. Because it's just that, you only think it, you don't know it. I have a disease and I will deal with it as I please. I can't offer much advice but if you just want to level with someone about this I'm always here.

Happy Starving!